Itinerary 2

Itinerary 2 walking tour – The ancient churches in Milan


St. Eustorgio Church was built in the 4th century. Saint Eustorgio transferred the Three Kings’ relics from Middle East and he stopped here where they are still preserved. Nearby is a beautiful chapel called Portinari, completely covered by frescoes in Lombard Renaissance style.

St. Lorenzo Maggiore Church can be reached crossing the Two Basilicas’ Park and it is one of the most ancient churches in Milan. It was built in the Roman period and restored many times during the centuries. Inside there is a chapel, called Saint Aquilino, where we can see the Roman amphitheater’s remains.

The colonnade consists of 16 columns in marble with Corinthian capitals, located in front of the St. Lorenzo church and it is Milan’s most impressive archaeological relic, when the city was the capital of the Western Roman Empire.


St. Ambrogio Church was built in Romanesque architecture according to Archbishop Ambrose’s wishes and restored many times during the centuries. Inside there is the golden Altar, a mosaic in the nearby small chapel and in the crypta we can see the relics of St. Ambrose, St. Protaso and St. Gervaso.

The Temple of Victory is a war memorial dedicated to the Milanese Fallens of the First World War.

St. Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore church is decorated inside with frescoes of the Lombard School Renaissance and it is called the “Sixtine Chapel” of Milan.