Museums & Art Exibitions

Brera Art Gallery

Brera Art Gallery is the main public gallery for paintings in Milan. It contains one of the foremost collections of Italian paintings, outgrowth result of the cultural program of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, which shares the site in the Palazzo Brera. The collection was opened on 15th August 1809 by Napoleon Bonaparte. In its 38 rooms you can admire masterpieces like the Lamentation of Christ by Mantegna, The Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael and the famous Kiss by Hayez as well as many other important artists: Bellini, Titian, Tintoretto, Piero della Francesca, Caravaggio, Canaletto.

  • Entrance ticket € 15 per person
  • Reduced ticket € 10 per person
  • Free for citizens of European Community under 18

Ambrosian Library and Art Gallery

The Ambrosian Library and Art Gallery can be regarded as a combination of art and history, founded by the Cardinal Federico Borromeo in the 17th century. The Library was the first one opened to the public in 1609 and it contains incunabula, manuscripts of ancient languages and rare books. The Art Gallery was established in 1618 and hosts important and precious masterpieces of the Italian art such as: the Portrait of the Musician painted by Leonardo da Vinci, the folios of  Atlanticus Codex  of the same artist, the Basket of Fruit painted by Caravaggio,  the big Study of the School of Athens by Raphael and many others.

  • Entrance ticket € 15 per person
  • Reduced ticket € 10 per person

Gallerie d’Italia – Piazza Scala

The Museum Gallerie d’Italia is located at Scala Square and opened in 2011 with Palazzo Anguissola and Palazzo Brentani where the exhibition is spread over 23 rooms, steeped in the atmosphere of 19th  century noble residences. We can admire views of the Milan of bygone times, of the Cathedral and the former Naviglio canals as well as highlights from the Risorgimento, amidst paintings of battles and private life scenes. In 2012 Palazzo Beltrami was opened to the public with a collection of contemporary artworks of the 20th century divided in 12 sections and 2 single-subject rooms, called Cantiere ‘900. The museum is often enriched with temporary art exhibitions.

  • Entrance ticket € 10 per person
  • Reduced ticket € 8 per person

Scala Theater Museum

The Museum was officially opened on 8th March 1913 with a solemn ceremony. Over the years numerous donations and purchases were added to the Sambon collection, which is today one of the richest and most envied collections in the world. It also includes the Library, boasting its present wealth of 40,000 volumes. During the visit the auditorium can be seen from the boxes except when rehearsals or performances are in progress.

  • Entrance ticket € 9 per person
  • Reduced ticket € 6 per person

Castello’s Museums

The Ancient Art Museum of Castello Sforzesco allows visitors to admire masterpieces of the medieval Art but even of the Renaissance period. Here we can see: Rondanini Pietà by Michelangelo, the famous fresco by Leonardo da Vinci in the Sala delle Asse. There are other fascinating masterpieces in the other museums of the castle: the Prehistoric and Egyptian Sections of the Archaeological Museum, an Art Gallery, collections of Applied Arts and Museum of ancient music instruments.

  • Entrance ticket € 10 per person
  • Reduced ticket € 8 senior over 65 years
  • Free-of-charge under 18 years

Novecento Museum

Novecento Museum, opened in 2010, is inside the historical Palazzo dell’Arengario with an extraordinary view on the Duomo and its square. The exposition displays the main artists of the Italian Novecento (20th century):  Pellizza da Volpedo, Boccioni, Morandi, De Chirico, Manzoni and Fontana. The history of Italian Art from Futurism to Arte Povera (literally poor art).

  • Entrance ticket € 5 per person
  • Reduced ticket € 3 senior over 65 years
  • Free-of-charge under 18 years

Duomo Museum

The Duomo Museum opened in 2013 inside Palazzo Reale with 26 rooms, displays artworks coming from their original place in the cathedral or from the depots of “Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo” (the private company that built and now restores the cathedral). The exhibition of sculptures, stained-glass windows, wooden models of the cathedral, tapestries, paintings and religious objects is chronological  in order to tell the history of the cathedral from the beginnings to the 20th century.

  • Entrance ticket € 6 per person
  • Reduced ticket € 3 per person

Temporary Art Exhibitions  at Palazzo Reale

Palazzo Reale, located in Duomo Square, was the headquarters of the government in Milan during the centuries. Today it is an important cultural center for Temporary Art Exhibitions. Please, choose from the  Art Exhibitions on their schedule and we will accompany you on your visit.

  • Entrance ticket according to temporary art exhibition

Armani Silos

For forty years of Giorgio Armani fashion, a large area was open on April 30th, 2015 with a selection of clothes from 1980 until today, which tells the story and shows the styles divided by themes that have inspired and continue to inspire the creative work of the stylist.

  • Entrance ticket € 12 per person
  • Reduced ticket € 8,40 per person

Fondazione Prada

Its new permanent Milan venue opened on 9th May 2015, conceived by architecture firm OMA—led by Rem Koolhaas—here it expands the repertoire of spatial typologies in which art can be exhibited and shared with the public. Temporary contemporary art exhibitions are presented all year long.

  • Entrance ticket € 15 per person
  • Reduced ticket € 12 per person
  • Free entrance ticket for under 18-years old and senior over 65 years

Mudec – Museo delle Culture

Its permanent collection opened on October 28th, 2015. The exhibition shows more than 200 artworks, objects, fabrics, musical instruments of cultures coming from middle and far East, central and south America, central and western Africa, South-East Asia in a period from 1200 b.C. to 20th century. Temporary art exhibitions are on schedule all year long.

  • Entrance ticket according to temporary art exhibitions